This is a step-by-step guide to installing an Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks system comprised of a front-end server, a gateway and compute machines.

If you have any questions about these instructions or you encounter any issues while installing AEN, please contact your sales representative or Priority Support team.

When you have completed the installation process, review the optional configuration tasks to see if any are appropriate for your system.

Distributed install#

In a distributed install the server and gateway run on separate hosts.

Single-box install#

In a single-box install, both the server and the gateway need separate external ports since they are independent services that are running on the same host in the single-box installation.

Both port 80 and port 8089 must be open on the firewall for a single-box install.

The compute node only receives connections from the gateway and server nodes and typically runs on port 80 or port 443.