Administrative commands#

Many of these actions can be done in the web interface. This command reference is for those administrators who prefer to use command line shortcuts.

In all examples below, replace “jsmith” with the name of the user whose settings you wish to change.

Reset a user’s password interactively:

anaconda-server-admin reset-password jsmith

The above command will prompt you to enter the new password twice. You may also reset the password directly:

anaconda-server-admin reset-password --password abcDEF123! jsmith

NOTE: Replace “abcDEF123!” with the new password.

Set a user’s plan to a free and unlimited plan:

anaconda-server-admin free-unlimited-plan jsmith

Set all users with a given email domain to a free and unlimited plan:

anaconda-server-admin free-unlimited-plan-for-domain

You can do a “dry run” of the command to display what the command will do without changing anything:

anaconda-server-admin free-unlimited-plan-for-domain --dry-run

NOTE: Replace “” with the domain whose users you wish to upgrade.

Give the user the privileges of a superuser or remove them:

anaconda-server-admin set-superuser jsmith
anaconda-server-admin unset-superuser jsmith

Give the user the privileges of a staff user or remove them:

anaconda-server-admin set-staff jsmith
anaconda-server-admin unset-staff jsmith

Change a user’s login name (username):

anaconda-server-admin move-user old_name new_name

NOTE: Replace “old_name” with the current username, and “new_name” with the new username.

Ensure the files recorded in the database exist.

anaconda-server-admin verify-storage

Ensure that files recorded in the database exist and have the correct checksum:

anaconda-server-admin verify-storage --md5

List the key names of files with problems:

anaconda-server-admin verify-storage --list-files

Scan the storage for unused files and delete them:

anaconda-server-admin clean-storage

Update the bundled installers:

anaconda-server-admin update-installers

Delete a user:

anaconda-server-admin delete-user jsmith

Set or unset “read only” mode:

anaconda-server-admin read-only --enable/--disable

Convert a regular user account to an organization and add another user to the owners group:

anaconda-server-convert-account to-organization --owner some_user regular_user

Convert an organization into a regular user account:

anaconda-server-convert-account to-user some_organization