Release notes (AEN 4.2.0)#

v4.2.0 November 22, 2017

  • PAM-based authentication module
  • Change wakari logos
  • Replace ‘wakari’ wording
  • Allow for configuration for login timeout and set default
  • Define shell prompt in .projectrc template
  • Make logging less verbose in AEN
  • Documentation for PySpark kernel installation
  • Improve SSL documentation
  • Move server unix socket from /tmp to /opt/wakari/wakari-server/var/run
  • Make project deletion synchronous for consistency
  • Avoid duplicate name for resources / compute-nodes
  • Add verbose option to conda create clone
  • Allow renaming main and message queue databases
  • Fix error for deleting tags to work
  • Avoid storing csrf token in the user profile
  • Save request remote address when logging action
  • Feature/allow remote MongoDB
  • Expire gateway session when server logs out
  • Change log level to debug in gateway
  • Do not log private keys in gateway
  • Unify logs formatting and timezone in compute nodes with Winston
  • Package cache was moved from user’s home directory into the user’s project directory
  • New config option to move the user’s home directory into the user’s project directory
  • Allow log rotation in the three components
  • Fix permissions on static files
  • Several fixes and documentation improvements

v4.1.3 August 16, 2017

  • Upgrade conda to version 4.3.24
  • Upgrade anaconda to version 4.4.0
  • Admin application monitor
  • Block access to package list view
  • Add placeholders in password reset form
  • Change static content location
  • Fix error when checking for package updates in notebook application
  • Replace slashes in project tags
  • Fix submit errors in password reset form
  • Replace/remove “wakari” word from multiple places
  • Fix missing commands missing sudo in start-project
  • Improve gateway and compute node validators
  • Check if bzip2 is installed during server setup process
  • Include port number in host header
  • Forbid creation of empty tags
  • Repair “Create Account” link in login page
  • Use UTC for server logs
  • Mark datacenters as trusted by default
  • Disable heart beating
  • Compute resource: Show full path to log file
  • Improve init scripts
  • Allow deleting all projects
  • mtq: Implement exponential backoff on connection error to mongodb
  • In the general admin display, do not show the bind password for LDAP
  • The accelerate package has been removed from the installation
  • Other minor bugfixes

v4.1.2 March 29, 2017

This is mainly a maintenance release improving internal machinery and upgrading the root packages.

  • Upgrade conda to version 4.3.14
  • Upgrade Anaconda to 4.3.1
  • Upgrade r-base to 3.2.2
  • Fixed AEN nb_conda to be compatible with conda 4.3.x series
  • Several documentation fixes
  • Other minor bugfixes

v4.1.1 December 15, 2016

  • Added CentOS 7 support
  • Support dots in usernames
  • More usernames validation
  • Fixed creation (through nb_conda) of single letter environment names
  • Environment names (through nb_conda) validation
  • Fixed uploading of notebook using nb_anacondacloud
  • Fixed attaching of environments in published notebooks through nb_anacondacloud
  • Several documentation fixes
  • Other bugfixes

v4.1.0 October 21, 2016

  • Added JupyterLab application
  • Removed GateOne terminal application
  • Included additional notebook extensions (nbpresent and nb_anaconda_theme)
  • Updated to conda 4.2.9 in default project environments
  • Added HTTP timeout setting for gateway and compute launcher
  • Changed default gateway port to 8089
  • Added support for all-numeric usernames
  • Add R channel to default conda configuration file
  • Other bugfixes

v4.0.0 June 30, 2016

  • Customized installation with:
    • AEN Functional ID and Group
    • AEN (installation and run) sudo commands
    • Removal of root access from the AEN service account
    • Configurable sudo command
    • Restriction of sudo access to all the processes
  • Upgrade Jupyter to 4.2
  • Upgrade the anaconda-nb-extensions to the latest versions
  • Upgrade Anaconda to 4.0
  • Deprecate wakari-publisher
  • Security enhancements
  • SSL configuration documented between all AEN Server components
  • Several bugfixes
  • Overall documentation revision and general improvement

v0.10.0 February 2, 2016

  • New projects dashboard
  • Capability to star and tag a project
  • Sticky searches
  • New Jupyter Notebook extensions
  • Updates to all packages. Highlights: bokeh 0.11, ipython/jupyter 4.1.

v0.9.1 October 19, 2015

  • New Search capability to find projects and files within a project.
  • Added “Related Projects” list to the project view, based on code similarity.
  • New UI for fine-grained access control of project files in the Workbench app
  • Viewer app now renders plain text files correctly
  • Updated LDAP configuration docs
  • Updates to all packages. Highlights: bokeh 0.10, ipython/jupyter 4.0.

Note ElasticSearch, and an Oracle JRE, must be installed on the server in order to use the new search features. Indexing of project files will begin when the project is started (or paused and re-started). If search features are not desired, set "SEARCH_ENABLED": false in the server configuration file to avoid errors.

v0.8.0 August 21, 2015

New Features

  • Updated packages based on Anaconda 2.3, and removed older packages no longer in Anaconda.
  • Updated IPython to version 3.2.1
  • Documentation is now installed with the server (use the Help link in the top navigation bar)
  • Added the ability for the administrator to define a customized default project environment.
  • The server has been updated to use python 2.7.10.
  • Init scripts are now provided for each Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks service.
  • Added relevant links to some error pages

Problems Resolved in this Release

  • Project status indicators (e.g. starting, pausing) now automatically update.
  • If an access is unauthorized, the server now returns a 403 (Unauthorized) status code and prompts the user to log in.
  • Modified nginx configuration to support running the server on non-standard ports.
  • The server installation no longer uses a default password for the wakari user. A random password is generated and displayed during installation.
  • Prevent double-click from attempting to create a project twice
  • Removed an obsolete script reference that was causes a 404 error to be logged in the browser console when opening the Terminal app.
  • The installer scripts no longer fail if the database already contains the ‘wakari’ user.
  • Updated example notebooks to work with latest Bokeh release.
  • Fixed terminal app key bindings to allow Mac command key to work normally
  • Installers now indicate where the installation logs are stored
  • LDAP user attributes containing binary data are now ignored.

Documentation Updates

  • Updated and consolidated Troubleshooting guide.
  • Simplified some steps in the installation procedure.
  • Updated notebooks in the Examples directory for use with the latest IPython Notebook and Bokeh.
  • Added a section on project permissions to the Troubleshooting guide.
  • Added notes on how to remove a project if the datacenter has already been removed.

v0.7.0 June 12, 2015

New Features

  • Updated Bokeh to v0.9
  • Ability to list packages installed on the server
  • Administrators now have full access to all projects.
  • Added automated checking and display of connection status between server, data centers, and compute resources.
  • When creating a new project, an environment for the project is automatically created as a clone of the root Anaconda environment.

Problems Resolved in this Release

  • Problem with checking in files with revision control extension
  • Revision control extension can’t handle notebook names with spaces
  • Problem moving files form one compute node to another if configured for LDAP
  • Should default to UTF-8 encoding and warn user if no locale is detected
  • Adding a compute resource via the command line admin tool does not work
  • The installer now sets umask 0022 to ensure correct file permissions

Documentation Updates

  • Added a Troubleshooting section to the documentation.
  • Added notes on how to configure crontab to start the Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks services at startup
  • Example SSL config file now has correct log paths
  • Added instructions on how to ensure that POSIX ACL support is enabled on the projects directory.
  • Fixed syntax problem in sample LDAP config.json
  • Added section on how to use self-signed or private CA certificates

v0.6.3 March 27, 2015

  • Updated LDAP module
  • LDAP user filtering
  • Added Notebook locking
  • Added Notebook integrated revision control system
  • Move projects between compute nodes
  • User-specific binding to compute nodes (private compute nodes)
  • Improved installation process and dependency checking
  • Incorporated support for SSL for Server and Gateway nodes
  • Improved Gateway error handling
  • Fixed package dependencies for update process
  • Documentation updates