Help and support#

The following resources are available to help you.

Anaconda community forum

Community support for Anaconda’s products

Anaconda Learning

Training videos on Python, conda, and data science

Conda community forum

The conda organization’s Discourse forum for conda discussion and news


You may be able to receive help with installing a package or building and publishing an updated package version in the conda Discourse forums or Matrix chat rooms. Other libraries or packages will similarly also have issue trackers, discussion forums, or chat rooms that you can use for help.

Package creators may also contact Anaconda to submit their package for consideration to be included in Anaconda.

Support tickets#

If you’re in need of further technical assistance, please file a support ticket.

Our Business and Enterprise tiers include access to Tier 1 and Tier 2 support hours.

  • Tier 1 Services include setup and troubleshooting assistance, assistance with core product features, and interoperability support, among others.

  • Tier 2 Services include support for more complex issues, custom conda package builds, custom installer builds, and environment management issues.

Contact your sales associate if you need support hours.

Professional Services#

If you need even more help than our Tier 1 or Tier 2 support hours are able to provide, Anaconda recommends contacting its Professional Services team.

To find out if Anaconda is right for you, please contact Sales at for product demos.*