Should I use Anaconda Distribution or Miniconda?#

Both Anaconda Distribution and Miniconda include the conda package and environment manager, but how you plan to use the software will determine which download you want to choose.

I’m just starting out and don’t know what packages I should use.

Install Anaconda Distribution! It includes over 250 standard data science and machine learning packages, which will give you a kickstart in your development journey.

I don’t have much experience with the command line.

Install Anaconda Distribution! The install includes Anaconda Navigator, a desktop application that is built on top of conda. You can use Navigator’s graphical user interface (GUI) to create environments, install packages, and launch development applications like Jupyter Notebooks and Spyder. For more information on Navigator, see Getting started with Navigator.

I know exactly what packages I want to use and I don’t want a large download.

Install Miniconda! Miniconda is a minimal installer that only includes conda, Python, and a few other packages. For more information, see the Miniconda documentation.

I only use the command line.

Install Miniconda or Anaconda Distribution! Both installations include conda, the command line package and environment manager. For more information on conda, take the 20-minute conda test drive or download the conda cheatsheet.