Anaconda CloudΒΆ

What is Anaconda Cloud?

Anaconda Cloud is a package management service by Anaconda. Cloud makes it easy to find, access, store and share public notebooks, environments, and conda and PyPI packages. Cloud also makes it easy to stay current with updates made to the packages and environments you are using. Cloud hosts hundreds of useful Python packages, notebooks and environments for a wide variety of applications. You do not need to log in, or even to have a Cloud account, to search for public packages, download and install them.

You can build new packages using the Anaconda Client command line interface (CLI), then manually or automatically upload the packages to Cloud to quickly share with others or access yourself from anywhere.

For developers, Cloud is designed to make software development, release and maintenance easy by providing broad package management support. Cloud allows for free public package hosting, as well as package channels, providing a flexible and scalable service for groups and organizations of all sizes.

Hosting of freely available packages always remains free for individuals and organizations hosting up to 3 GB of packages.

To use Cloud, you should first: