Anaconda Adam┬Â

Server & Cluster Installer & Manager


This product is discontinued. This archived copy of the product documentation is provided for those customers who are still using it.

Anaconda Adam is a command line interface (CLI) utility for Linux that lets you:

  • Install and manage these Anaconda┬« platform components:

    Platform component Description
    Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks Collaborative multi-user notebooks and projects
    Anaconda Repository On-premise repository for conda packages and environments
    Anaconda Scale Distributed package management and computation framework
  • Create, provision and remove clusters.

  • Perform administration tasks on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) servers.

  • Manage Anaconda packages.

  • Execute commands on multiple nodes.

You must have an Anaconda Enterprise license to install Anaconda platform components. If you would like to purchase Anaconda platform, please contact

You can use Adam with:

  • Distributed computation frameworks such as Spark or Dask.
  • Enterprise Hadoop distributions such as Cloudera CDH or Hortonworks HDP.
  • HPC clusters.
  • A collection of virtual machines or containers.
Adam Diagram