System requirements#


AI Navigator is in beta testing. This documentation is currently under construction.

AI Navigator is currently available for Windows 11 and macOS 13+.

Requirements for AI Navigator itself are minimal. Instead, requirements are determined by the model you want to use. Each model has two main requirements:

  • You must have enough disk space available to download and store the model.

    Most models fall between the 2-10 GB range, but some models are quite robust, requiring up to 150 GB of storage space!

  • You must have enough memory to run the model.

    AI Navigator uses a combination of the main system memory (RAM) and any available CPU or GPU memory (VRAM) to run the model. Anaconda recommends a minimum of 16 GB of RAM to be able to run most models without issue, but some models require more memory to operate.


    If you do not have enough memory to run the model, AI Navigator can become unresponsive, and you might need to force quit the application.

Each model requires a different amount of disk space and memory, and is constructed with varying quantization methods. Lower quantization methods require less disk space and memory than their larger counterparts, but yield a slightly lower quality output.